It has been determined, by Resolution 05202019-01, that the public safety of those using township roads will be improved with additional regulation of on- street parking. The storage or apparent storage of vehicles, recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, and trailers in the street is prohibited. A vehicle may be considered as being stored if it meets any of the following descriptions: It is in the same position for more than seven (7) days; it has a flat tire; it is considered a junk vehicle; it is under a cover or tarp.

You should also be aware of the following: 1) No parking is permitted over public sidewalks. 2) Vehicles shall be parked within 12″ of the curb. 3) Commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and trailers shall not be parked in the street, except while loading or unloading, if it can be done safely and only for a reasonable period of time nec- essary for such purpose. Commercial vehicles may be parked in the street for the duration of their business during normal business hours. 4) No vehicle parked in the street shall be parked in a way that creates a safety hazard or that blocks vision. 5) Any vehicle found to be in violation of this resolution may be subject to a citation and penalty if not moved within 24 hours of a written notice. Any vehicle found to be a safety hazard shall be considered an emergency and may be towed at any time at the owner’s expense. 6) Whoever violates this Resolution is guilty of a minor misdemeanor by virtue of Ohio Revised Code Section 505.99. Penalties shall be imposed in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 2929, and shall include a fine up to seventy five dollars ($75.00) for each offense.

Each day of violation constitutes a separate offense. These new regulations will be effective July 14th. If you suspect a violation, call the Zoning Administrator at 419-865-7857 or Township Administrator at 419-865-9662.

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