Road Maintenance/ Public Services

Maintenance Department Overview

Monclova Township Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 66 miles of township roads and right-of-way, two parks, two cemeteries, upkeep of township buildings, maintenance of township trucks and equipment at the Maintenance Facility as well as Fire Department fleet.

Road Jurisdiction

In order to expedite any concerns you might have regarding maintenance issues, debris on the roadway, or other concerns, it is important to contact the correct governmental agency responsible for the concern that you may be having:

State Roads – 419-867-0314: Maumee-Western (20-A), Airport Highway

County Roads – 419-213-2892: Albon, Briarfield, Crissey, Eber, Holloway, Manley (north of Salisbury), Monclova, North Jerome, Obee, River, Salisbury (east of Crissey), Stitt, Technology, Waterville-Monclova, Weckerly (south of 20-A)

Township Roads – 419-878-6942: All other public roads that are not listed above

Private Developments – Brookside Villas, Greycliffe, Hidden Ridge, The Village at Fallen Timbers, Villas at the Quarry; Please contact your Home Owners Association


The dedicated township right-of-way on a curbed street ends at the sidewalk. The sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the home owner.

The assumed right-of-way on rural roads goes back to the telephone poles or utilities.

The township does not perform any service or maintenance on private properties unless we have an easement.

Township Recommended Trees to be planted in township right-of ways.


Mailboxes must be placed according to Monclova Township standards. Mailbox Regulations Specifications & Drawings.

Township policy on damaged mailboxes located in township right-of-way can be found here.


Winter Policies

It seems like it’s a bit too early to be discussing winter issues, but we all know winter is just around the corner.

*Major connector roads will be attended to first, followed by residential streets.

*One single pass in each direction. After an initial pass, the plow will return to widen the cleared area to the curbed area.

*Snow accumulated on the side discharge blade has no place to go but to the adjacent street and driveways. This in unavoidable. There is no technology that will allow the plow operator to stop snow coming off the edge of the plow as it passes a driveway.


*Cul de sac plowing will place snow along the outside of the circle. It is impossible to push the snow to the center of the cul de sac. If the plow bade is turned to the left in an attempt to do so, the potential for the truck to slide sideways increases exponentially, creating a hazardous situation that is not acceptable.

*Residents and property owners are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalk and driveways. Snow should be shoveled into the yard NOT into the street. Yu could be charged with a violation of Section 5589.01 of the Ohio Revised Code if you deposit snow in the street. To avoid double shoveling, wait until after your street has been plowed to the curb before you clear your driveway.

*It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain mailboxes, posts, and supports in the proper condition and location. As a courtesy, a mailbox that goes down as a result of snow removal operations on a township road shall be temporarily repaired as quickly as possible to minimize disruption in mail delivery. If a properly installed mailbox (see above) is struck by our equipment, it is restored to original condition when scheduling and weather permit. Improperly installed mailboxes or mailboxes knocked down due to the weight of the snow receive no further repair or adjustment.

Yard Waste Disposal

The Township offers free yard disposal for its residents at Ohio Compost, 10839 Sager Road (Alternate 20)! For information on how to deliver your items to Ohio Compost, or for hours of operation, go to or call 419-897-7807.  You may also dispose of bagged yard waste (no loose garbage in your toter, please) with the regular garbage collection as part of your 1 toter limit.  Should you choose this method, be mindful that your toter is not overly weighted to prevent lifting or toter repositioning by one individual. Autumn leaf collection service is provided by the township.

Landfill Disposal Options

Disposing of larger quantities of refuse may require you to make special arrangements for a dumpster from a sanitation company or make plans to visit a landfill.  There are no local landfills. Wood County Solid Waste Management District, which accepts out of county disposal, is a great resource – 419-354-9297.

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