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    There are three road jurisdictions within Monclova Township.

    To expedite your concern, it’s important to call the correct Road Department.

     Road Responsibilities within Monclova Township

    STATE: Airport Hwy. (portion), Anthony Wayne Trail (portion), Maumee-Western Rd. (US 20-A)

    Road Maintenance:  419-867-0314

    COUNTY:  Albon Rd., Briarfield Blvd., Crissey Rd., Eber Rd., Manley Rd., Monclova Rd., Obee Rd., River Rd., Salisbury Rd.(from I-475 to Crissey), Stitt Rd., Technology Dr., Waterville-Monclova Rd., and Weckerly Rd.

    Road Maintenance:  419-213-2892

    TOWNSHIP:  All other public roadways in Monclova Township

    Road Maintenance:  419-878-6942

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