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These Boards meet on an as-needed basis. Agendas are provided by each Board independently and are generally uploaded by township staff at least three days prior a meeting; audio is placed on this site within days after  a meeting.  Minutes are available after they are approved by the Board, at the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

Monclova Township Econcomic Development Boards*

Monclova-Whitehouse Joint Economic Development District=JEDD I

Monclova Twp-Swanton Twp-City of Toledo’s Toledo Express Airport Joint Economic Development District= JEDD TEA

Monclova-Maumee-Toledo Joint Economic Development Zone=JEDZ

JEDZ Thursday Jan 4 Agenda n/a Minutes
JEDDI Thursday Feb 21 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDDI Wednesday  Mar 21 Agenda Audio Minutes
JED TEA Wednesday  April 25 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDZ Thursday  May 17 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDD TEA Thursday July 12 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDD I Wednesday Aug 15 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDD TEA Thursday Nov 8 Agenda Audio Minutes
JEDD Wednesday Nov 21 Agenda Audio Minutes

*These Boards have posted meeting dates but schedule meetings as needed.  Call 419-865-7862, extension 2010 to verify if the Board of Directors has business brought before them that would necessitate a meeting.


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