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    Snowy conditions?  Our snowplow drivers would appreciate it if you would park your vehicles in your driveway.  This helps clear streets more effectively.

    Here is a review of our Winter policies as published in our October Monclova Monitor and has been our standard practice throughout the years:

    * Major collector roads and streets are cleared first, followed by residential streets.
    One single pass in each direction.  After an initial pass, the plow will return to widen the cleared area to the curbed area.
    * Snow accumulated on the side discharge blade has no place to go but to the adjacent street and driveways.  This is unavoidable.  There is no technology that will allow the plow operator to stop the snow coming off the  edge of the plow as it passes a driveway.
    * Cul de sac plowing will place snow along the outside of the circle.  It is impossible to push the snow to the center of the cul de sac.  If the plow blade is turned to the left in an attempt to do so, the potential for the truck to slide sideways increases exponentially creating a hazardous situation that is not acceptable.
    * Residents and property owners are responsible for clearing snow from sidewalk and driveways.  Snow should be shoveled into the yard, not into the street.   You could be charged with a violation of Section 5589.01 of the Ohio Revised Code if you deposit snow in the street.  To avoid double shoveling, you may want to wait until after your street has been plowed to the curb before you clear your driveway.
    * It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain mailboxes, posts and supports in the proper condition and location.  As a courtesy, a mailbox that goes down as a result of snow removal operations on a township road is temporarily repaired as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions in mail delivery.  If a properly installed mailbox (see Road Maintenance tab on this website) is struck by our equipment, it is restored to original condition when scheduling and weather permit.  Improperly installed mailboxes or mailboxes knocked down by the weight of the snow receive no further repair or adjustment.   It is important to check and repair your mailbox and most importantly, the post, during the summer and fall to avoid some of these issues.  Years of weed whipping and moisture can deteriorate the post.

    STATE: Airport Hwy. and Maumee-Western Rd. (US 20A)
    STATE ROAD MAINTENANCE – 419-867-0314

    COUNTY: Albon Rd., Briarfield Blvd., Bucher Rd., Crissey Rd., Eber Rd., Jerome Rd. (between Monclova Rd. and 20A), Manley Rd., Monclova Rd., River Rd., Salisbury Rd., Stitt Rd., Strayer Rd. (between 20A and Salisbury), Technology Dr.,Waterville-Monclova Rd., and Weckerly Rd.
    COUNTY ROAD MAINTENANCE – 419-213-2892

    TOWNSHIP: All other public roads

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