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  • Fall Leaf Collection

    Posted on by Kathleen

    The Autumn season is upon us!  Options are available for leaf disposal in Monclova Township:

    1.   Township curbside service for leaf collection:  This is a no-fee service which begins mid to late October with a flexible ending for the service, however we suggest that you don’t wait!!!
    When winter weather is eminent, leaf collection will cease; the vacuum apparatus is replaced with snow and salt equipment.  The procedure is as follows:
    – Leaves must be brought as close to the road as possible but NOT in the roadway. Cul de sac residents must place their leaves on the outside circle.
    – We will NOT collect piles of leaves that contain sticks or non-leaf debris.
    – The township peruses the roadways and collects on an “as needed basis.”  It is not necessary to call any township department about your leaves unless the pile has been standing for more than three weeks without reasonable explanation (weather hinderance, etc.).

    Curbside leaf collection service is offered to curbed and uncurbed roadways within Monclova Township jurisdiction, whether they are designated as township, county, or state road.

    2.  You may take your leaves and other yard waste to Ohio Compost, 10839 Sager Road (Maumee-Western Road turns into Sager as you are near LaPlante Rd.) for FREE disposal.  This service has been arranged by your township trustees!  Go to ohiocompost.com for hours of operation.

    3. Yard waste is accepted with garbage collection but must adhere to collection limits (see garbage schedule) and appropriate weight; check with Republic Services-1.734.848.5226. Yard waste must be containerized in regular trash bags and placed in your toter.  It is NOT necessary to place in brown yard waste bags.

    4.  Private curbside service is a chargeable item through the vendor of your choice.  Many lawncare and refuse companies offer this service on a seasonal basis.

    5.  Backyard compost, if allowed in your area, can enrich your
    garden soil. Lawn/garden supply stores offer homeowner compost bins.

    The burning of leaves is a violation of Fire Code and could subject
    violators to a fine.

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